License to Carry (Online)

June 22, 2024Self-paced
The Shooting & Range Qualification portion is NOT included

Get your License To Carry (LTC) online, from anywhere in Texas

This is a state-licensed online course which is required in order to get your LTC. Either before or after completing the online portion, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Take the shooting portion with a Texas DPS licensed LTC instructor in your area. If you live in the Bastrop, Bexar, Travis or Fayette county area, or we are such an instructor and you can take the shooting portion on our private range.
  • Get finger-printed at Identogo (you will need to make an appointment).
  • Fill out the State of Texas Application for the License to Carry. Processing time for your application varies before you receive your license.

Students can take the online License to Carry (LTC/CHL) class from the comfort of their home for ONLY $49Southern Charm Firearms Academy offers the official Online License to Carry (LTC/CHL) class through Texas Carry Academy. The online LTC class works on all electronic devices and is four hours long. The online LTC course is self-paced, students can stop, log out, log back in and pick up right where you left off! The MOST popular and easy way to take the LTC Class is ONLINE.

Get started now by clicking the Enroll Now button.

Who can take the Online License to Carry (LTC/CHL)?
Anyone in Texas can take the online LTC class. We use an official online LTC class provider approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Immediately upon passing the online class you will be able to download your official certificate of training as part of your requirements.

Why choose our Online License to Carry (LTC/CHL)?

  • Take it at your own pace 24/7
  • Works on any electronic device
  • You can begin right now!
  • Easiest online LTC course
  • Certified Texas LTC Instructor
  • Local Range Portion available right away by appointment


  • Basic handgun use and safety instruction
  • Knowledge of carry laws
  • Reciprocity with 37 other states
  • Campus carry at public universities
  • School zone carry
  • Easier interaction with Law Enforcement
  • Bypass NICS background check with gun purchases
  • Protection if carrying past “no guns” signs
  • 18+ y/o military members are eligible
  • Are allowed an “oopsie” at Texas airports
  • Legal protection an LTC provides
  • Legal form of ID
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Peace of mind

What about the Range Instruction?

Students can visit any local LTC instructor in their area to complete the range instruction/shooting part. Online students are given access to our instructor locator to find a local instructor in their area. After you complete our online class you will instantly be able to download your certificate of training (LTC101). You take this certificate to ANY local LTC instructor in your area and they will complete the shooting portion for you. All of our online students will receive access to our instructor locator to find a LTC instructor in your area if you need help finding one. They will fill out the range portion of your certificate.

Students in Bastrop, Bexar, Travis or Fayette Counties, can sign up here to complete the Range Instruction and Proficiency Demonstration Class. The cost to complete the range instruction is $100 for online students. Certain students are not required to complete the range portion of the LTC class. For these students, the only requirement is completing the online LTC class. Students that are not required to complete the shooting portion are:

  • Texas State Correctional Officers “CO’s”.
  • Active-duty military or veterans that have within the past 10 years completed training in the familiarization of firearms OR have firearm shooting scores from the military.
  • County Jailers that have completed firearms training as part of their employment.
  • Please note that this is not a beginning shooter class. You must have prior shooting experience with your chosen firearm. The 1-hour range instruction is not designed for anyone just starting out. Please contact us for some private lessons to get ready for the LTC class and shooting qualification.

Instruction Hours

We are open when you need us! Check our calendar for class schedules or book a private class with us.


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