I grew up in a ranching family and am a life-long shooting enthusiast coming from a long line of shooters, marksmen and markswomen.  My family boasts nationally competitive shooters, custom gun maker, numerous hunters, ammunition re-loaders, an FFL, law enforcement and many in the military.  One of my earliest memories as a girl is helping and watching my father cast lead bullets and process ammunition on a regular basis.  An even earlier memory (about 4 years old) than that one is telling my father I wanted to shoot the revolver he was shooting and showing his brothers and uncles.  He steadied me and then stepped to the side for me to shoot.  It came straight back, hit me in the forehead and knocked me flat on my back!  I remember everyone looking down and me and laughing as I lay there in the dirt.  Clearly it didn’t dampen any enthusiasm! 

Scoping out the terrain and wildlife on the ranch, Dec. 2020

I love to hunt, compete, and help all Americans exercise their 2nd amendment rights.  After several years of shooting with ladies in A Girl & A Gun women’s shooting league, I decided to further my education and become a firearms instructor since I was already helping a lot. I love to help men and women understand how to choose the best gun for their needs, ensure proper gun fit, accurate shot placement, conceal carry options, private coaching, safe gun storage and more.

I offer many other classes such as how to conceal carry around your wardrobe, Proper gun fit, choosing the right gun before you buy!, and more. 

My mission is to develop confident, competent, and responsible gun owners, helping shooters of all levels learn to shoot, correct bad habits and shoot much more effectively.

I am a proud member of the following organizations: A Girl and A Gun, agirlandagun.org (Facilitator – Bastrop, TX chapter), USCCA, Texas Handgun Association, RWVA, NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, DC Project – Texas.

Instruction Hours

We are open when you need us! Check our calendar for class schedules or book a private class with us.


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