AR-15 Specific Curriculum

June 22, 2024

We offer quite a few classes on the AR-15. This rifle platform is very versatile, easy to operate and super fun! Come learn all about it. Loaner rifles are available. Learn the basics of this platform before you buy!

AR-15: Getting Started. There is a class presentation and familiarization with an AR-15 rifle. This class is not live fire. You will learn about the parts, disassemble and reassemble an AR-15. Other topics include the operating system, ammunition, loading/unloading/clearing, advantages and disadvantages for home defense, accessories, optics and more.

Classroom only; instructor-led PowerPoint presentation highlighting the history and popularity of the AR-15; parts, features, and functions; overview of cleaning and maintenance; accessorizing the AR-15; and basics about using the AR-15 for home defense.

AR-15: Zeroing your Rifle/Shooting Basics. The student will learn how to zero their sights or optic, learn about various types of optics, understand why the zero distance matters, and be introduced to proper kinesthetic alignment specific to using the AR-15 platform.

Instructor-led range time including safety essentials, confirmation of zero, and use/operation of an AR-15; students will work on drills that incorporate dry-fire and live fire with kinesthetic alignment, mechanical offset (and the application of hold over), along with the balance of speed and precision shooting.

AR-15: Building Foundational Skills. Prerequisite: AR-15: Zeroing class or excellent base knowledge of this rifle platform. Rifle must already be zeroed at 25 or 50 yards. Zero will be confirmed before skill building begins. If you don’t know how to zero your rifle sights or optic, please take our zeroing class first! Skills the student will learn: proper body position specific to the AR-15 platform, learn how to use a sling, get defensively accurate hits on target with multiple shots in a row, and reloads.

AR-15: Advanced Concepts & Skills. Prerequisite: Building Foundational Skills or demonstrably excellent foundation on this rifle platform. Rifle must be zeroed at 25 or 50 yards prior to class and you must have a sling on your rifle (2-point sling recommended). You should already understand what kinesthetic alignment is by demonstrating it. This class will be working on multiple shots on target, building in speed and accuracy. Other topics are: mechanical offset and why that matters, shot cadence, reloads, how to evaluate potential threats in the home, target transitions and more! This is a fast-paced, high-round count class. This is NOT a class for beginners. If you are new to this rifle platform please start with our AR-15: Getting Started class

AR-15 Cleaning & Maintenance. Have an AR-15 and no idea how to clean and maintain it? Has your rifle ever been cleaned? Come learn how to clean and maintain your rifle in a small class environment. You will learn how to disassemble the AR-15, examine for wear and tear, address issues, clean it and reassemble it. After reassembly you will perform a 2-shot function test before leaving.

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