The Phlster Enigma is a game changer in conceal carry. It has a holster and chassis attached to a belt and leg strap. Once the belt is adjusted for where the gun disappears on your body, it’s a simple as clicking the magnetic clasp closed! There is also a leg leash that keeps the system from riding up when you draw from the holster. I recommend the Enigma if you are willing to fiddle around with the system until you get that perfect fit. It’s an expensive choice for sure. But, being able to wear literally anything and still conceal carry is worth a few trade offs. I love that I can go back to wearing the stretch yoga pants that have been sorely missed because of the need to wear a belt for an IWB holster. I purchased and use the Enigma Express with my Glock 19. The Express model doesn’t require nearly as much of a learning curve and it already comes with the holster.

Vedder Holsters Vedders is my IWB and OWB holster of choice. I have at least 9 from them them for conceal carry and OWB training holsters. I recommend the light tuck with the claw. I prefer Vedder over everyone else BECAUSE their belt clip is metal and not plastic! It makes a huge difference in how it rides on the belt. You can carry a large gun with ease with their holsters. This is how much I love their product! I have them for all of my pistols. They all come with a really nice protective cloth pouch that is awesome for collecting your brass at the range!

Vedder Holsters with discount code you can use!

SSP Safety Eyewear

I love the Methow kit where the front lens colors can be changed based on conditions. Plus, my prescription is in an insert you can add inside the lens shield!

Methow Kit
Methow RX Adapter

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