We offer Church security consulting services to houses of worship security teams and congregations. Congratulations for considering starting up an on-site security team! Making the commitment to safety for your congregation means time and expense but every life is precious and it makes congregants feel more secure to know there is a plan in place and that it is a professionally developed plan with competent people in charge. It also means a faster response to any active threat. The data shows that the faster this evil is confronted, the less deaths that occur. Having a security plan in place can also mean a better insurance rate for your congregation. So, it’s important to do it right.

Who should be on your Church security team?

For anyone considering a civilian armed on-site security team or being on a security team; this is an awesome responsibility and should only encompass the most proficient with their firearm. In order to be on the security team, we are recommending every member be able to pass the Texas License to Carry at a 90% accuracy level AT MINIMUM. The security team is not a place for the casual conceal carrier that hardly ever practices with their handgun and isn’t serious about regular training AND practice with their firearm. The security team is a serious commitment that should require regular, on-going training together and individually.

What is covered in this training?

This program is broken down into 4 parts. Each part is priced separately so as to be scalable. An all-inclusive and customized program can be worked up by request. Contact us with what your needs are for a custom price quote. We have a well-trained team ready to help you.

Part 1: Introduction to Mass Shooters and ways to counter the threat. This presentation is for everyone involved in developing the Emergency Operations Plan, EOP. It should include the paster, lay leadership, department leads and persons on or being considered for the security team.

This is a broad 4-hour presentation (not specifically church focused) about countering the mass shooter threat. What we’ve learned about them and how to start thinking about the EOP. The first presentation is an overview of what an organization needs to develop their own plan. There is a cost/person and an optional textbook for people to purchase.

Part 2A: We do a walk-through on-site at the facility evaluating their facility/weaknesses, etc. This allows us to facilitate the on-site much more effectively.

Part 2B: The second presentation is scheduled separately and taught on location. It is specifically focused on Houses of Worship (builds on what is learned during the first presentation) and is a full day to 1.5-day event with 9 practical exercises on-site. It contains pictures, videos, etc. that should only be presented to the team coming up with the plan. Some of the topics covered in depth are security evaluation walk-thrus, lock-down procedures, help developing the EOP with 9 practical exercises, the Department of Homeland Security recommendations, armed on-site response, triaging, emergency trauma kit training, designated safe rooms where equipment is staged and much more. The focus in this portion is to help the pastor and security team to come up with the skeleton plan and decide what should be in the plan and at what level of detail.

Part 2C: Plan review of what the security team and leadership have put together. The focus is on how it all works together, are all the pieces in place?, etc.

Cost for 2A-2C: this intense 2-day training with 3 days of work ahead of time, including the walk-through: starting at $3,000 +supplies/printing costs. Additional days needed for any of the above topics will be an extra charge.

Part 3:  Range training for the armed security team members. This is an all on the range defensive pistol training and would incorporate defensive considerations such as quick accurate hits on target from concealment, evaluating everyone’s skills, equipment, learning how to work together as a team, etc. Training will be focused on working as a team and implementing the EOP. This training would be a MINIMUM of 4 hours, preferably 6-7 hours.  If the armed security team is more than 6 people, an additional Range Safety Officer will need to be hired for the day. Multiple days will likely be needed.

Part 4: Up to 2-hour presentation to the at-large congregation. The congregation needs to know there is a plan in place and what their roles would be if an incident were to occur. This will involve a high-level look at the plan explaining what they would need to do in the event of an incident, what training the security team has received, which doors will be locked all the time, plans for the children, etc. This is to minimize confusion during a dynamic critical incident. If you want to understand why this is necessary, please review the video (warning, this is a graphic video) of the West Freeway Church of Christ (Fort Worth, Texas area) shooting in December, 2019. Please note how many armed people pulled out their pistol and pointed it at EVERYONE in the room. This is an article written about it. Of note in this article is Jack Wilson’s explanation of why he couldn’t get a good shot earlier.

Next Steps for your Church Security

Thank you for considering Southern Charm Firearms Academy for getting started on your church security needs. We look forward to working with you on your congregation’s security needs at your determined level. Our lead instructor, Crystal Duke, has more than 23 certifications and is a full-time firearms instructor. Her credentials can be seen here.

Instruction Hours

We are open when you need us! Check our calendar for class schedules or book a private class with us.


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