What to Bring to Any Class

What to bring to any class is a question many people ask. This is a list of gear that you should consider bringing to any firearms class or just a training day at the range.  It will certainly cover anything you will need at one of my courses and I use this checklist whenever I do any training.

  1. Handgun
  2. Two magazines (at least, preferably more)
  3. Quality outside the waist band (OWB) Holster
  4. Magazine pouch(es) – optional
  5. Ammunition (always more than you think you might use)
  6. Ear protection (preferably electronic)
  7. Eye Protection/Sunglasses
  8. Hat with visor/baseball cap – a cowboy hat is always appropriate
  9. Weather appropriate clothing:
    • Long pants, shorts permitted but not recommended.
    • Avoid shirts with loose necks as they like to catch hot brass.  I like to wear a collared button-down dress shirt.
    • Shoes or boots with ankle support
    • Firm belt that will support the weight of your gun, holster and magazine pouches.
    • Bandana (optional).
  10. Insect repellent as necessary.
  11. Sunscreen as necessary.
  12. Hydration
  13. Snacks
  14. Range bag
  15. First aid kit

Concealed Carry Class, additional requirements:

  1. Cover garment/way to conceal firearm
  2. Three magazines minimum

Additional Optional Suggestions and Recommendations for Classes

  1. Avoid revolvers unless the class is specifically designed for a revolver.
  2. Bring a handgun that has a capacity of at least ten rounds unless you have several spare magazines.
  3. Avoid “pocket pistols” at classes. Learning is easier with a full size (or slightly smaller) gun.
  4. Back up handgun in case your primary gun has a critical failure. Even better if you have two of the same gun!
  5. Additional magazines/magazine pouches; less time reloading = more time training
  6. Consider using an outside the waistband holster for classes even if you normally carry an inside the waistband holster. Small of back holsters are not permitted in our classes.  (IWB holsters are fine for CC class as long as they are forward of your midline-for safety reasons)
  7. Serpa style holsters with a finger release are prohibited in our classes.
  8. Use Electronic ear protection to cancel out gunshots but allow range commands and instruction to be easily heard.
  9. A 12” strip of weed wacker cord to use as an empty barrel indicator.
  10. Snap caps or “dummy” rounds for function proving and malfunction practice.
  11. Training Notebook and writing utensil
  12. If you have trouble standing for long periods of time, you may want to consider bringing a folding/camping chair to the range.


We shoot rain or shine unless the conditions become unsafe. I will contact each shooter personally and post a cancellation if this occurs. Guns will survive a few hours of rain and so will you.  You will find this to be true for any major firearms course.  Bring weather appropriate clothing!

We offer a full range of classes in every shooting discipline. You will find a current listing of them here.

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