NRA Basics of Shotgun Shooting

March 22, 20238 hours
Age: 12 and up

The NRA’s basic shotgun class taught by a certified instructor

The Basics of Shotgun Shooting Course is a nationally certified NRA course that teaches students to safely operate and shoot pump action, semi-automatic, and break action models with examples of these types shown in class.  Hunting and tactical types will be covered.  You will learn about stance, gun mount, grip, parts and ammunition, safety, gun care maintenance, proper gun storage and more.  There will be a shooting qualification at the end of the day.  This class will enable you to shoot safely in range environments and give you the confidence to continue building your skills.  This is an excellent class for beginners and those needing a brush up.  There is plenty to learn in this class even if you shoot often. 

For the shooting qualification, students may shoot any gauge shotgun.  Rental guns available if you don’t have a shotgun. Minimum 100 rounds of ammunition required. Bring more ammunition to reshoot the qualification, if needed. Course Cost: $175. The class will take approximately ten hours.  Price does not include range fees, which are approximately $15-$25 and payable directly to the range.  This class comes with a 150-page spiral-bound reference book.