License to Carry (Complete In-Person)

June 22, 20246 hours

This is the complete in-person LTC classroom and shooting portion to obtain your Handgun License in Texas. This course is state-mandated to be a minimum of 4-hours in the classroom plus the shooting proficiency test which the student must pass with a 75% or better.  Please note that there is an expectation that you know how to shoot your pistol already. Need help with this? Please contact us for a 1-hour lesson prior to your License to Carry class. This helps ensure line safety for all students and instructors.

What to bring: your semi-automatic pistol or revolver in calibers from  .22-.45, 100 rounds of factory ammunition, eye and hearing protection, any snacks or food you need to throughout the day. Please wear range appropriate attire of long pants, closed-toed shoes and brimmed hat.

In order to complete the permit process you must also: file an application with the state here AND get fingerprinted at Identogo (must make an appointment).  You will get a code from the state when you file your application that will be used for your fingerprinting appointment.

Instruction Hours

We are open when you need us! Check our calendar for class schedules or book a private class with us.


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