Becoming a firearms Instructor with USCCA

Have you ever thought about becoming a firearms instructor with USCCA? Do you love to help people? Do you have a good grasp of shooting fundamentals? Do all of your friends see you as their expert on all things shooting? If so, have you ever thought about becoming a certified firearms instructor? If so, the USCCA curriculum is a great place to start!

USCCA vs the other certifications

USCCA or The United States Conceal Carry Association exists to save lives and bring security to our communities. They do this in several ways. The have developed an innovative, flexible and fantastic curriculum and certify instructors to teach it. The base level certification is to become an instructor for their Conceal Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals, CCHDF. This one curriculum has 10+ classes/mini classes that you can offer your students. USCCA also offers self-defense insurance through their sister company, Delta Defense. They also have an extensive education program online for their members. There are numerous modules, classes, guides and booklets available to each membership level.

The USCCA has the best customer service in the business. As an instructor, I never have to wait to speak to instructor support. They come on right away and help me solve my problem very quickly. Every time!

And their textbooks, posters and collateral materials are fantastic and appealing.

How long does it take?

The CCHDF Instructor Course takes 2 full days. In addition, there is an 8-hour e-learning pre-requisite that must be completed before coming to your instructor class. During this in-person class you will learn about teaching best practices, Top 10 instructor mistakes and how to avoid them, running a safe live-fire range and much more. Day 2 will include teach backs from your e-learning and the textbook as well as a shooting qualification. You will also learn how to set up and use your incredibly powerful instructor portal. The USCCA makes it so easy to create and schedule classes.

How much does it cost?

The instructor class costs $597 and includes a comprehensive tool kit for you to get started teaching right away! Your tool kit comes with an instructor polo, cap, classroom posters, 10 textbooks and 10 copies of the Conceal Carry magazine from USCCA covering the latest relevant topics. Your $597 is payable directly to the USCCA and you attend the class right here at Southern Charm Firearms Academy at our private range facility. Right away after you complete your class, you are ready to teach this flexible curriculum for at least 10 people!


What else do I need to know?

In addition to the basic CCHDF curriculum, you can also purchase e-learning/tool-kits for 3 more certifications that you can add to your teaching program; Emergency First-Aid Fundamentals, Women’s Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals and Countering the Mass Shooter Threat. And, there are more curriculums planned under this CCHDF umbrella. The only requirement to keep your certification with USCCA is to teach 20 students/year. That’s it! And all of these extra certifications are under the CCHDF umbrella and count towards that 20. There are no other re-certification fees ever as long as you get your 20. Team teaching with any other USCCA instructor also count towards your 20. So, your instructor certification is a one-time cost.

Where can I find a class?

Here at Southern Charm Firearms Academy, we offer this class at least once a quarter. There is a minimum of 2 instructor candidates for an instructor class to be held. Our lead instructor, Crystal Duke, is a Training Counselor for USCCA in this curriculum and is ready to help you start teaching as a certified USCCA Instructor. Look for this class in our events list (in chronological order) at:



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