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Road Trip!

Recently I went on a girls getaway with A Girl & A Gun to Glock Headquarters for some amazing training classes. It was a 1-day Armorer class followed by a 2-day Operator class. Glock HQ is in Smyrna, GA just outside of Atlanta. 3 ladies in my chapter joined me for a road trip to Glock for these classes. We drove over 2 days to arrive the night before classes started.

A Girl & A Gun is the only civilian organization that gets to come to Glock HQ for their stellar training. Everyone else is affiliated with the military or a law enforcement agency. 17 AGAG ladies from around the country attended. I was expecting it to be special and wasn’t disappointed! Glock has it’s own range on premises and we got to shop a lot at the on-site store.

Our group

Glock Armorer Class

As a Glock shooter, I was very excited about the armorer class as I love tools, and to take things apart and hopefully put them back together again correctly. We learned all about the differences between all the generations and worked on gen 5, then a previous gen pistol that had a different trigger group. In order to become an armorer you have to be able to take it down and put it back together in a timed test as well as successfully complete a written test. It was super fun to take them all down to nothing but the plastic on the frame. And take all the internal parts out of the slide as well.

Down to nothing but the frame

The engineering for what seems like a basic or simple pistol is pretty brilliant. Everything is there that needs to be and nothing is there that it can do without. I found it a marvel. I am a loyal Glock carrier and this experience has only solidified that opinion. The certificate earned is good for 3 years so I get to go back again!

Glock Operator Class

The following 2 days were the Glock Operator class. The Operator class was action packed! We did a lot of dry practice in the beginning but it ramped up quickly. We did tons of drills and repetitions during the 2-day course. Glock freely says it doesn’t have any “special sauce”. They tout the brilliance in the basics. The training was incredibly thorough and challenging. Our Glock instructors were so great, I can’t even begin to tell you how good they are at what they do. Their level of knowledge is wide and deep. Top-tier for sure! Explanations were clear, drills were fun but educational and we all were pushed regardless of ability.

Glock’s private range
That’s a lot of targets!

In the afternoon of the second day we all shot the Glock Standards shooting qualification. You could shoot it twice if you wanted and everyone showed improvement between their 2 times. Each person shot over 1000 rounds each over 2 days! Because Glock is an international company, they can pull the best practices from around the world and teach what really works in a meaningful way. They are always pushing the limits and searching for better information. I found all the people at Glock to be very intellectual and very specific in their language. Words have meaning!

Running a drill
We were really training hard!

I was sorry when it came to an end and can’t wait to go back again. Thank you to everyone at Glock HQ that made this such an incredible experience for me and all the other ladies. Y’all are the Bestest!

Our amazing instructor!

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