Why do Women buy a Gun?

Women buy guns for many different reasons. But, most start out buying a gun for personal protection. Then they learn how fun it is and how many activities are available in the shooting world. But, we will focus on the beginning gun buyer. Here are lots of reasons and ways that women first buy a gun:

  • Salesperson’s recommendation because of what said salesperson (man) likes.
  • Husband buys it for them without factoring in what will work for them.
  • What is available
  • It’s a cute color.
  • Read an article of best guns or best guns for women
  • They think that a small size is going to be the best.
  • Something that will fit in their everyday purse
  • They buy just any old gun because they don’t even know what question to ask

Things to consider before buying a gun!!!

  • How the gun actually fits your hand.
  • Shape and width of the backstrap
  • Can you reach all of the controls, such as magazine release, with your dominant hand?
  • For what purpose are you buying this gun?  Conceal carry?  Home protection?  Hunting?  The reason drives the end result.
  • Too big or too small for your hand.
  • Where does the mechanical safety fall in relation to your hand?  This can really matter if you have large hands and shoot a small gun.  It can really eat into your hand.
  • What is your budget?

Things NOT to consider before buying a gun:

  • Salesperson or spouse’s recommendation.  They mean well but will likely have zero idea what you really need or what will work for you.
  • Internet recommendations.  Most reviewers are men and manufacturers send them new model pistols to shoot and review favorably.  The features they like may not matter to you.  Their hands will be a different size from yours.
  • About internet research, it can be a great place to start.  But it cannot take the place of the actual holding and shooting of a gun.  You may need to shoot 10 before you settle on one that just feels right.  Consult someone qualified (me!) to help you get the right fit. Quality indoor ranges will have a gun rental option with reasonably priced ammunition that you must purchase from them to shoot in their guns. Take advantage of this to start learning what feels best in your hand, what features you like or don’t like, etc.
  • Caliber!!!  All calibers have plenty of stopping power.  With proper fundamentals and good training, you can learn to shoot the gun of your choice with great skill.  There are pros and cons to everything in the gun world.  And, everyone has an opinion!  Yours is the one that matters most.
  • Size of the gun!!!  Small is not always better.  In fact, small is usually not better.  It takes a lot more time on target and at the range to be proficient with a small gun.
  • Type of gun.  Some say semi-auto pistols are the best.  Others say revolvers.  Once you understand the issues and proper gun fit, you will decide what is best for you.

Simply put, you don’t need to listen to well meaning people in your life.  This is a very personal decision, and it should be your decision.  You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pistol and discover shortly that it doesn’t really meet your needs.  It needs to be an informed decision and it’s better to make the right decision the first time.  Please consider the following points:

  1. Your needs are a different than a man’s!
  2. Your perspective is different than a man’s.
  3. Your body is different than a man’s.
  4. Your strength is different than a man’s.
  5. Your reasons are different than a man’s.
  6. Our bodies are different and anatomically some things just have to be dealt with.  Our upper body strength is vastly different.  It’s why we love guns!  They are the great equalizer.
  7. Not all guns are equal.  Cheaper guns have more problems such as jamming, failure to feed or extract and more.  There are many quality gun manufacturers and models at many price points.
  8. You can do this!!!  This is a process and a journey.  I was also a beginner once and am just further along in the same journey you are undertaking.
  9. It’s okay to take it slow and understand all the issues.  A lot is riding on this purchase decision and training curriculum.  Go at your own pace.
  10. Are there children in your home?  If so, a secure storage solution MUST be present.  There are a number of good solutions we can discuss.
  11. There are very effective strategies for introducing children to guns, gun safety and guns in the home.  You do not have to re-invent the wheel on this issue.  There are lots of resources available.
  12. Guns are inanimate objects.  The term “gun violence” is a construct.  Matches aren’t guilty of arson.  Cars aren’t guilty of vehicular homicide, etc.  You could leave a gun on a chair all day long every day for 100 years and it would never jump up and just shoot someone.  Please remember that people will try to make you feel guilty about this decision.  It’s not guns that are the problem, it’s evil people that are the problem.  It’s important to place blame where it belongs as with the above issues mentioned.
  13. There is a media bias against guns.  Did you know that guns are used lawfully to defend lives and property up to 3 million times a year across the country?  Isn’t that surprising? It was to me the first time I read that!  If that’s true how come it’s not on the news?  Simply, it doesn’t fit an anti-gun/”gun violence” agenda.  Guns are very safe and gun owners are THE MOST law abiding segment of the population, including police.
  14. A gun is not a bomb.  They don’t explode if touched or dropped.  Hollywood depicts some crazy scenarios involving guns that simply aren’t true.  Think about seeing a grandma getting blown off her feet firing a shotgun.  Or ammo being put in an oven (Lethal Weapon 4) and exploding the house with all the bad guys inside.  Guns use the same concept an engine does, combustion!  A child can fire a shotgun and guns and ammo don’t just explode.
  15. Guns are used for many purposes.  Sporting, hunting, competition, collecting, personal protection, home defense and more are just some of the lawful uses of firearms.  It’s our heritage as Americans!  There are a lot of reasons people own guns.
  16. It is no one’s business what you have in your home.  Other parents feel like they have the right to ask probing questions like “do you have a gun in your home?”  Do you ask them if they watch porn?  Or have pornographic magazines laying around their bedroom or bathroom?  Do you ask them if they’ve ever had an abortion?  Of course not!  Deflect and distract if anyone asks nosy questions about inanimate objects in your home.  That includes doctors and that question you on intake forms about “do you have guns in the home?”  I simply leave it blank.  No one has ever asked me about it.  And, if they did, I would start asking them extremely uncomfortable personal questions.
  17. Women are THE LARGEST growing dynamic in the shooting world.  In the last few years, the gun industry has responded with lots of new features on products tailored to women and common issues they experience as new shooters.
  18. There is a terrific support network of women shooters that are ready to welcome you.  You are not alone!

All the above points are a great place to start thinking about what is best for you and your situation.  I am non-judgmental and my classes/training are a non-political zone where all Americans, regardless of affiliation, are welcome.  The only “political” issue you will hear me talk about are things related to the Second Amendment.  I don’t care what color party anyone ascribes to and am here to help anyone exercise their second amendment right.

We offer a complete line of firearms classes to help you get started or continue on your journey. Those can be found here.

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