License to Carry (LTC) classes near me: Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Fayette, Gonzales, Lee, Travis, Williamson Counties

Your options

There are a lot of options regarding getting your license to carry in Texas. There are 5 steps to getting your CHL. Taking a minimum 4-hour state-mandated class, spending an hour on the range with an instructor, passing a shooting qualification, filing an application with state and getting fingerprinted. The state doesn’t care what order these steps are done in but we suggest you start with the state application and fingerprints. The state will not start your background check until they have your fingerprints. If you do that first, then when you come to our class, it’s the last thing they need to complete your application and get that permit on its way to you.

For the classroom instruction you can either take an in-person class or take it online in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. The shooting qualification must be taken in person with a DPS licensed CHL instructor. The application is filed on line or snail mail directly to the state. Once you file the application, the website will direct you to make an appointment with Identogo for fingerprinting. You can’t make an appointment without the code assigned at that time.

On-line class

If you choose the on-line route, you pay for the class and take it at your own pace. Once completed, you will be directed to print out the requisite forms needed by the instructor of your choice to sign off for the shooting portion. If you don’t have or know of any licensed instructor in your area, the on-line class provider will provide a list of instructors near you from which to choose. If you are located in the following counties you can schedule that shooting portion with us at our private range: Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Fayette, Gonzales, Lee, Travis, Washington and Williamson. When taking the on-line class, the state requires you to spend an hour with an in-person instructor. Most factor that time into what they charge for this service. On-line class plus hour with instructor plus shooting time will be about 5.5 hours. Make sure to print out the form upon completion and bring it to your range session.

In-person class

Taking a class in-person has benefits and drawbacks. The drawback is you don’t know who else and how many will be in that class with you. But, a major benefit is being able to ask questions and hear class discussion around a lot of the laws. When we schedule our in-person class, we also schedule the shooting either directly before class or after depending on the time of year. So, a benefit is that you spend that day and you are done with those portions providing you pass. You can expect your total class and shooting time to be around 5.5 hours.

Regardless of which route you go, the time spent will be the same. Going on-line is much more convenient but will cost a little more because of that extra hour with the instructor. But, thats a great benefit as you can consider it a privage lesson to work on things you likely need. The in-person class does not get that benefit unless the class size is really small.

What we offer

We offer you either option. You can click on our on-line class link and take it from anywhere in the entire state! If near us you can schedule the shooting portion. If not, you will have an option to see a list near you and schedule the shooting portion at a time and place convenient and close to you. To see our class list visit If you’d like a custom date, reach out to us to schedule that.


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